Can I hear you now? Pretty unlikely.

So my dad had lots of admirable qualities and features that I would love to have inherited.  Hearing deficit wasn’t one of them, but it seems that’s the one I received.  No big deal, no complaints really.  I’ve found that there are kind of unexpected perks to having a bit of hearing loss at times.  😉  Might as well make the best of it, huh?  Continue reading “Can I hear you now? Pretty unlikely.”

From party lines to selfies

Do you ever think about how much telephone technology has changed over the years?  Even over the past decade with all the smart phone advances…. simply mind boggling.

Growing up in the 50’s and 60’s most every home had a stationary telephone.  Attached to the wall by a long cord.  I remember a time when we merely lifted the handset and waited for the operator to answer:  “Operator”,  and then we’d give her the name of the person we wanted to talk to. “Connect me to so and so”.  Just that simple. Continue reading “From party lines to selfies”

Who? What? I thought I knew. And a bonus recipe for you.

A couple weeks ago I was on a walk and ran into someone I hadn’t seen for some time.  I waved and loudly called out “Well hello there how are you?  Haven’t seen you in years.”  As the distance between us lessened I was faced with the unfortunate reality that not only had I not seen her in years, I’d actually never seen this person.  Ever.  Did not know her.  She just kind of looked at me and kind of awkwardly said “Hi.  Fine.” Looked a little frightened as she walked on by.  And I just kind of awkwardly moseyed out of her range of vision.  Man, I really don’t enjoy those moments of mistaken identity.
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Employment Enjoyment

What was your first job?  Mine was probably babysitting my cousins.  But my first real job was the summer between my 8th and 9th grade years of school, if memory serves  me.

Pioneer Seeds came to our fair little city of Minneapolis Kansas towards the end of the school year offering a gold mine opportunity for those wanting a summer job.  $1.40 per hour.  Boys and/or girls, equal pay.  I couldn’t suppress my excitement at making that kind of cash and I eagerly signed up, along with many classmates. We were going to own Minneapolis by the time summer ended.

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Inexplicable mysteries of my gray matter. Subtitled: If I Only Had a Brain

As we watched the KU game against Stanford a few days ago, I wowed everyone in the room with my vast knowledge of Stanford’s coach Jerod Haase and where he grew up, the two colleges where he played college ball, and his coaching history that began in North Carolina, as well as giving a brief verbal synopsis of the book he wrote titled “Floor Burns”.   To clarify the facts, “everyone in the room” was merely myself, the hubby, and our dog.  In order of wowed-ness, the hubby was least wowed.  The dog came in at #2, and that just leaves me to top the list of most wowed by my vast knowledge. Continue reading “Inexplicable mysteries of my gray matter. Subtitled: If I Only Had a Brain”

Shelf Life — A look into my pantry. Brace yourself.

With Thanksgiving being last week, I spent a lot of time standing in my pantry, perusing the shelves for ingredients needed to make recipes that I only make once a year.  Not that I only use these individual ingredients once a year, but from the looks of the expiration dates on some of these items I clearly do not cook often enough. Continue reading “Shelf Life — A look into my pantry. Brace yourself.”