Inexplicable mysteries of my gray matter. Subtitled: If I Only Had a Brain

As we watched the KU game against Stanford a few days ago, I wowed everyone in the room with my vast knowledge of Stanford’s coach Jerod Haase and where he grew up, the two colleges where he played college ball, and his coaching history that began in North Carolina, as well as giving a brief verbal synopsis of the book he wrote titled “Floor Burns”.   To clarify the facts, “everyone in the room” was merely myself, the hubby, and our dog.  In order of wowed-ness, the hubby was least wowed.  The dog came in at #2, and that just leaves me to top the list of most wowed by my vast knowledge.

Why was I wowed?  Because I just do not comprehend what causes my brain to allow such trivial information (no offense, Mr. Haase) to so firmly adhere to my gray matter.  While letting really significant stuff slide ride on out.

Would you like to know where I keep my Tupperware colander with convenient handle that I’ve owned since the early 1980’s?  Me too!  I could have used it this evening as I prepared supper.

I’d also like to share with you where my favorite long sleeved white jersey cardigan that I wear to work in the winter over my scrubs might be located.  In fact, if you know the answer to that, do let me know.  I need it.

Then there’s a key to a cabinet at work.  One day with me and it’s history.  Poof!

One may be tempted to chalk this up to the natural effects of aging.  Perhaps to a degree, but to refute that hypothesis, I give you this picture:

The Lonely Sock Club, established in 1974 or so. I was young. Of course over the years there have been many socks come and go from this basket.  They stay until I declare them permanently lost from their matching sock and then I toss them. At which point their matching sock magically reappears.  Too late.

One of my older sisters whose name starts with L wisely advised me that it’s not necessary to wear matching socks anymore.  She’s on the cutting edge of knowing what’s what, so I’ve made an executive decision to close the Club. These socks are going back in my sock drawer. You may find me wearing a most unusual combination of socks from here on out.  I’m no slave to fashion.  Why stress over lost socks.  Especially when I’ve got SO many other things to look for.

I’ll put those socks away here in a minute.  Right now I’m watching the Wichita Shockers men’s team play St Louis.  Did you know St. Louis coach Travis Ford was once a star for the Missouri Tigers and most recently coached at Oklahoma State before he was fired last season?

Wow.  Just wow.

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