Traveling south; Gene, Blake, and Olive Ann

Did you know there is a national park in south central Oklahoma? Well there is! Chickasaw National Recreation Area.

We decided to take a little four day camping trip to this park, sight unseen, no idea what to expect. Sense of adventure kicked in while googling Chickasaw National Recreation Area. Our trip was delayed one year because our initial reservation was in March of 2020. Need I say more? ‘Rona ruined that plan.

Fast forward to 2021 and life is kind of good-ish again. Things are opening up, so we rebooked some campsites and hit the road with my sister and brother-in-law.

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Embracing embraces. And the number 28.

Are you a hugger? I wasn’t as a child. It wasn’t our family’s “thing”. That’s okay, I suppose. Pretty sure all you non-huggers are tolerating the COVID-19 restriction policies better than us huggers. Though I’ve grown into being a hugger (with a few limits), during these pandemic days I truly treasure all the human interaction I can get. Smiles (that you can actually see on an unmasked face), hugs, elbow bumps, conversation. Anything, I tell ya. Growl at me even.

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Purpose and Plans.

We’re retired. It’s been two years now. Since we love to travel and have a fifth wheel, we looked into ways we could incorporate both of those into our life plan. Doors opened for us to volunteer at faith based camps while living part-time in our fifth wheel and in the fall of 2019 we had our first stint in eastern Oklahoma. After the first month we loved it so much that we quickly signed up for another month.

And it seemed we’d found our purpose.

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Would you like some whine with that cane?

Unless you are blind, you are fully aware that my husband and I do not have athletic looking bodies.    No one looks at us and concludes that we must work out many hours each day.

We don’t look like we would be hikers.  We look like walking to the fridge is our exercise of choice.  (oddly enough, as I typed those words, the hubby strolled by from the fridge with a nice bowl of ice cream in his hand) Continue reading “Would you like some whine with that cane?”

Texas, the final chapter. For now.

tyler state park hiking trail.jpg

Tyler State Park.  Our final campground in Texas.  This picture was taken on a hiking trail near our campsite.

There’s no end to Texas.  I’m certain of that.  It is vast and so diverse topographically.

Our stay in Texas was initially going to be 6-8 weeks.  Due to various circumstances we were only there a bit shy of 4 weeks.  But even if we’d spent all 8 weeks touring Texas we could never have seen it all.   We shall return.  I want to see more. Continue reading “Texas, the final chapter. For now.”

Where’s your sense of adventure? Stay tuned.

For the last several springs and summers we’ve taken frequent camping trips to local lakes.  And the Mr. worked remotely from our RV. While he worked, I did, uh, very little. Mainly spent time outdoors in exquisitely beautiful surroundings, hanging out with the Creator. Continue reading “Where’s your sense of adventure? Stay tuned.”

Pools of antacid and looking ahead to the future. Subtitle: So Cal, the grand finale of work travel.

With the hubby’s retirement date approaching with alarming swiftness, I opted to travel with him this week on what will be most likely his last travel trip to a luxurious location.  No offense to St Louis, where his current project is, but Huntington Beach California appears to be decidedly more appealing.  Because of one word:  oceanContinue reading “Pools of antacid and looking ahead to the future. Subtitle: So Cal, the grand finale of work travel.”

Recreational Vehicle? Depends on your definition of "recreation".

As I’ve mentioned countless times, we are campers.  Outdoorsy folks.  With limits, of course.  You will never see us riding a mountain bike up a 20% grade through thick forest and jumping the bikes over large boulders.  Or rappelling up a vertical slab of rock above a river of whitewater below.   We like to walk around on easy paths and occasionally flex our muscles in order to hoist up our smart phones and take a picture of some beautiful scene.  Yeah, that’s our style of “outdoorsy”.  Continue reading “Recreational Vehicle? Depends on your definition of "recreation".”

Fences and Fear

Let me just preface this post with this unfortunate fact: I failed swimming lessons when I was a grade school child.  Dropped out before the session was even close to being complete.   The configuration of my body parts didn’t lend itself to really being much of a swimmer. 😜   But I was able to float (on my back) and potentially avoid drowning. In my mind that was close enough to success. Mission accomplished.  Sort of.  The failure stayed with me and put a dent in my level of confidence around water.

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Beside the still waters and bicycling against the wind. It’s all good

Camping season began for us last week.  Took our first trip to the lake for a few days.  The weather cooperated magnificently.  
During a conversation with a friend of mine I mentioned that we were planning to camp at a nearby lake.  He said “Why in the world would you drag your camper 25 miles away when you could just stay at your house and enjoy your lovely back yard?”.  That’s a valid question from a non-camper.  But if you’re a seasoned camper, you know the answer.  I don’t need to explain.  

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Observations from 1600 miles southeast of home

Today marks the end of a glorious two week trip to Savannah, Ga, with my husband the IT consultant.  He travels 1600 miles from home every week to earn a living. This is his career.  He’s had this traveling gig for the past 13 years.  He provides income for us.  To put food on the table and pay bills.  To buy our home where I am the main occupant.  He spends more time living in a hotel than in our home, if I do the math correctly.  If nothing else, this trip has made me acutely aware of the sacrifice required in being a consultant.  He doesn’t complain. I believe I might tend to whine a bit if I were in his shoes.  But whining does come natural to me regardless of circumstances.  We all have our gifts.  😃 Continue reading “Observations from 1600 miles southeast of home”

HGTV and contentment

Do you watch HGTV?  House Hunters, Flip or Flop, or my favorite Fixer Upper? I’m guessing you have watched at least one episode of these shows, as well as perhaps Property Brothers, HH International, etc.  I’ll be honest, I love to watch this channel.  No real political undertones, no real drama, and no disgusting commercials that would make you hope your grandkids aren’t watching, and make you wish you weren’t watching.  Ick.  (talking about you, Sports Networks).  HGTV is just stuff about home.  Home is a precious topic for most everyone. Continue reading “HGTV and contentment”

Winter blues? Maybe it’s time to visit an island.

It’s not officially winter yet but some of the coldest temperatures of the year have descended upon us Kansans.    Temperatures that can bring a squeaky whine from even the toughest of us.  Probably need to exclude myself from that “toughest of us” group.  I just want to be near the fireplace with a cup of coffee and a good book.  I was designed to hibernate.
I’d like to give you something to at least dream about.   Sanibel Island, Florida.  A slice of heaven off the gulf coast near Fort Myers (which in itself is another lovely spot for a getaway,  but it is just a bit more lively & commercial).

View from our rental condo, 2010, at Oceans Reach Resort.  Screened-in lanai.  Bliss, I tell ya. 
In 2010 we were looking for a place to take a vacation for our May anniversary and decided on Sanibel from some friends’ recommendation.  No buildings over 4 stories high and no street lighting (think very starry nights on a beautiful island)  It’s a decidedly quiet and wonderful place.  Very family friendly.  Lots of seashells, and there is a wildlife refuge that is quite nice.  Bike path over the entire island.  Historic lighthouse.  Plenty of restaurants and groceries, although it’s best to shop for most of your food before you cross the bridge to Sanibel.  And you can always cross back over that bridge any time and be in Fort Myers. Easy peasy.

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Snowy happiness. In my own backyard and far, far away

There is snow in the forecast this week. First snow of the season?  We’ll see.   Last year we had approximately 150 flakes of snow total during the winter here in the South of Kansas. But a couple of winters ago we were blessed with probably record amounts of snow. The ground was covered a lot of the winter. And I  made a new friend. Continue reading “Snowy happiness. In my own backyard and far, far away”