HGTV and contentment

Do you watch HGTV?  House Hunters, Flip or Flop, or my favorite Fixer Upper? I’m guessing you have watched at least one episode of these shows, as well as perhaps Property Brothers, HH International, etc.  I’ll be honest, I love to watch this channel.  No real political undertones, no real drama, and no disgusting commercials that would make you hope your grandkids aren’t watching, and make you wish you weren’t watching.  Ick.  (talking about you, Sports Networks).  HGTV is just stuff about home.  Home is a precious topic for most everyone. Continue reading “HGTV and contentment”

Winter blues? Maybe it’s time to visit an island.

It’s not officially winter yet but some of the coldest temperatures of the year have descended upon us Kansans.    Temperatures that can bring a squeaky whine from even the toughest of us.  Probably need to exclude myself from that “toughest of us” group.  I just want to be near the fireplace with a cup of coffee and a good book.  I was designed to hibernate.
I’d like to give you something to at least dream about.   Sanibel Island, Florida.  A slice of heaven off the gulf coast near Fort Myers (which in itself is another lovely spot for a getaway,  but it is just a bit more lively & commercial).

View from our rental condo, 2010, at Oceans Reach Resort.  Screened-in lanai.  Bliss, I tell ya. 
In 2010 we were looking for a place to take a vacation for our May anniversary and decided on Sanibel from some friends’ recommendation.  No buildings over 4 stories high and no street lighting (think very starry nights on a beautiful island)  It’s a decidedly quiet and wonderful place.  Very family friendly.  Lots of seashells, and there is a wildlife refuge that is quite nice.  Bike path over the entire island.  Historic lighthouse.  Plenty of restaurants and groceries, although it’s best to shop for most of your food before you cross the bridge to Sanibel.  And you can always cross back over that bridge any time and be in Fort Myers. Easy peasy.

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Snowy happiness. In my own backyard and far, far away

There is snow in the forecast this week. First snow of the season?  We’ll see.   Last year we had approximately 150 flakes of snow total during the winter here in the South of Kansas. But a couple of winters ago we were blessed with probably record amounts of snow. The ground was covered a lot of the winter. And I  made a new friend. Continue reading “Snowy happiness. In my own backyard and far, far away”