Ebay lessons and Cabbage.

(Originally posted back in 2017….needed the recipe contained in this so I republished it. )

It’s been a week of education for Simply B in the fine art of using Ebay to purchase stuff.  I’m a relative newby, just mainly buying stuff outright and not bidding on it.  But this week I decided to bid on Castillian plates to add to the 2 that were given to me from my mom’s kitchen.   And I learned a vital lesson.   Once you place a bid on an Ebay item, you may well win that bid.  And once you win that bid….well….you pay for the item and it’s yours.  It’s a contract of sorts.  I guess I thought I’d win the bid then be able to decide if I really wanted them.  So far I have 10 Castillian plates.  There may be more on the way, who knows.  I kind of got carried away once the bidding started.  Wow.  No biggie.  I guess.  Haven’t checked our bank account balance.  Perhaps I should.  😅 Continue reading “Ebay lessons and Cabbage.”

Food nostalgia and a recipe

On Christmas in the year 1970 my dad had just returned home from a one week stay at the hospital following his diagnosis of leukemia. He was dismissed Christmas Eve. Christmas morning was not the typical Christmas, as you might imagine. Not a lot of jolly old St Nicholas. But we were genuinely glad to be together. Just the four of us, Mom and Dad, Sharon and myself. We didn’t know what the future held but we sure loved having Daddy there with us on that day.

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Emergency recipe post

Rarely do I prepare a recipe for the first time and have the Mr say, “That was restaurant quality”.  But this evening, it happened.  I suppose his response could have been triggered by the fact that he’d not eaten one bite of food since an early breakfast this morning.  Starvation can make any entree more palatable.  But we both found it quite tasty.  And you know I didn’t go all day without eating.  That never happens.   Continue reading “Emergency recipe post”

Who? What? I thought I knew. And a bonus recipe for you.

A couple weeks ago I was on a walk and ran into someone I hadn’t seen for some time.  I waved and loudly called out “Well hello there how are you?  Haven’t seen you in years.”  As the distance between us lessened I was faced with the unfortunate reality that not only had I not seen her in years, I’d actually never seen this person.  Ever.  Did not know her.  She just kind of looked at me and kind of awkwardly said “Hi.  Fine.” Looked a little frightened as she walked on by.  And I just kind of awkwardly moseyed out of her range of vision.  Man, I really don’t enjoy those moments of mistaken identity.
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