Let go of my Legos

Fifteen years ago I became a grandmother.

About eleven years ago, I bought my first ever Lego set for the boy who made me a grandma.

About eleven years and one minute ago, I became just a little obsessed with the delightfulness of Legos. So did said grandboy. We spent many hours building one thing after another, as the coins rapidly left our bank account.

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Simply B

Simply B

After much time considering starting a blog, maybe today is the day.  Or not.  We’ll see.  As brilliant as I consider myself to be with technological stuff, setting up this blog has been kind of challenging.  Yes, brilliant is really brilliant … well look at that, I figured out how to strike through text all by myself.  

If you’re looking for profound posts you may want to skip my blog. I refer to myself as Simply B for a reason.  🙅  BTW the name of that emoji is “face with no good gesture”.  Seems appropriate.  

My goal is to have this little blog be empty of politics, mean stuff, deep thoughts, or basically anything of substance.  Occasionally I may stray into meaningful topics.  But don’t count on it.  😁  I might share travel info, camping tips, recipes to make and/or recipes to avoid.  And I love Jesus….you will undoubtedly hear about Him.  But again, I’m simply B.  Nothing deep, just an encouraging word or two.  

Until next time, 
Simply B