All we know.

Don’t you love looking at a baby’s face for the first time?  Looking into eyes that stare back at you like “What in the world is that thing? Put me back, please”

Prior to this newborn moment, baby was a well thought-out design of God.  Being formed in His image as God picked out hair color, eye color, size and shape…. fearfully and wonderfully thought out and created with love as the main ingredient.  And those months in the warm womb were a blissful time of just baby and God.  And mommy, of course.  But I believe God knows baby long before Mommy does. 

For the first few days and weeks all we know as babies is that we are perfectly loved.  That’s all we need to know.  Not one worry.

And then we learn that with a little crying we can get our needs met even more quickly.  Add a smelly diaper to that and the quick response is intensified.

All we know” grows at an alarmingly exponential rate of speed.

By the time we reach the late preteen years, we know everything.  Yes we do, and if you ask us anything we’ll be sure to share our vast knowledge with you.  Because we’ve got it all figured out.

We know it all.

And then we might possibly just continue that “know it all” on into adulthood where we work, play, parent, grandparent….busy busy busy busy.  Sometimes we just get carried away with how much we know and how we have everything under control.  “I Got This” type mentality.

The exact duration of this know it all condition depends on how early in life we learn the truth.  😁

Every one of us at some point in our life are slapped in the face by the grim reality that we don’t know as much as we thought we knew.  Not there yet?  Hmmm.

I really believe that as time passes for all of us we repeatedly become painfully aware that our knowledge, our intellect, our wisdom, is oh so limited.  Hindsight slaps us with memories of really dumb decisions.  Hindsight also slaps us with memories of really painful life experiences. And sometimes our present situations stop us in our tracks.  And we are stunned and overwhelmed and feel weak and powerless.   And….not smart.  Not smart at all.

That’s when all we know…. knowing it all….is replaced.  By humility.

It’s the most important, the BEST thing that can happen to us.  Seriously!!

That’s where God wants us.  He opposes the proud know-it-all, but gives grace to the humble. (James 4:6) He created us with a free will.  He will allow us the choice to think we know it all.  He will lovingly watch us and wait.  Because He knows that somewhere in our life we’re going to reach the end of all we know. And fall at His feet.  On our face in humble need of a Savior.

Even if it’s the last thing we do.  

We start this life helpless and dependent.  Looking around in confusion through baby eyes that can’t quite focus yet.

We stumble through life going back and forth from wonderful life-is-good to times when we question why we’re here…. what’s the purpose here…. Help me, Lord…. despair.  And hopefully at some point we make the important decision to give our hearts to Jesus, turn from all we know…. to All He Knows.  We will find that all He knows is enough.  More than enough.  He is enough.  We are not.

And when we come to the end of our life, it’s full circle, back to just us and God.   That last breath leads us face to face with the One True God.  And we will have perfect vision.  A clear knowledge, a full understanding.

Perfectly loved.

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