Nurturing. And waiting rooms, part 2

So it all started here.  1976.  My first baby, tiny little blue eyed girl.  Stole my heart and introduced me to a new experience:  Nurturing.  Prior to this moment, as the baby of my family, my nurturing experiences were limited to furry kittens.    AKA Smelly Cats.
 This baby girl taught me a lot about being a mommy and loving someone more intensely than I’d ever loved anyone before.

And then there were two.  Just now this very minute for the first time I noticed how little baby girl had hold of her big sister’s finger. Awwww.  Be still my heart.   My sweet baby girls, and yep, the nurturing just continued on.

Nurturing is consuming in a beautiful way.  Fulfilling like no other experience.
But the years passed….My girls grew up…  Our nest emptied.
And then….

A new dimension of nurturing.  Grandbabies.

Grandnurturing.  💓💗

Letting the mommies do the hard stuff while grandma just does the fun stuff.  Sending them home after feeding them stuff like sundae cones for breakfast. Or whatever else they might want to eat.  Letting them stay up late.  And bathe together in my big whirlpool tub.  And share grandma’s bed for sleepovers.  Lots of babysitting these three.  Best times ever.

But they all, even the littlest one,  are in grade school now.  Busy busy busy.  Not as much time for Grammy B.   And so….now what happens to my nurturing skills?

Houseplants?  My old puppy?
Just  not the same.  Not the same at all.

But about the time I had resigned myself to pouring all my nurturing abilities into plant life and my dog, we received quite the surprise.

Another grandbaby!  Our youngest girl and her hubby are expecting a baby boy in September,  and if you read my blog post entitled “The Doorkeeper of the Waiting Room” you’ll understand why this is quite the surprise. In fact, just three days after that post we learned the pregnancy news.  😍🙌  I just can’t stop smiling.  God is so good!!

Drumroll….(mommy said I couldn’t post this blog till baby was born):

I am so excited, so VERY excited to tell you that it’s September and Mr. Joseph Eugene has arrived.   10 pounds 13 ounces of cuddly wonderful cuteness!!  Thank you, God, for unexpected blessings and perfect timing.

So…. I’m entering Phase 2 of Grandnurturing.  My doggy and my houseplants will suffer a bit.  But my grammy arms are ready.  Ten pounds and 13 ounce baby?? Better join the gym, Grammy B.  😁

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