Go ahead. Live. Now. (and forever!!)

A few days ago I had lunch with a dear friend.  Over Panera deliciousness, we caught up on life and the goings-on in our individual families.  Always a blessing to hang out with Sandy.

We both have new camping vehicles and part of our conversation involved our individual trips we have planned as soon as spring arrives. It seems that both of us and our husbands are almost fixated on the need to just go camping.  Just be in the great outdoors.  Breathe the fresh air and let our souls relax and our batteries recharge.  Quality time with our Creator.

During our chat a random statement left my lips with little thought involved on my part: “I just want to live while I’m still alive.”  We chatted a bit longer and then finished up our meals and headed back to work.

Since then I find myself thinking about those words a lot.  Not in a morbid, depressing way.  Just contemplating life’s realities.  Never hurts to do that occasionally. The plain truth is, none of us are immune to the possibility of sudden changes that permanently alter life as we know it.

Temporary.  Every thing your eyes can see.  Every precious possession you think you can’t live without.  Every person you can wrap your arms around in a loving embrace.   Every person you can become hatefully angry with and perhaps inflict painful suffering upon without the chance to make it right.  All temporary. I am temporary. You are temporary.   Here today, and possibly gone tomorrow.

Everything is temporary except…. our one true source of hope, the One who will not be here today and gone tomorrow.

Jesus knew the meaning of temporary in regard to human life.   Age 33 his earthly life ended on the cross.

But he also defined the word eternal.  Nothing temporary about Jesus.  He conquered death and lives forever in the hearts of those who believe Him, invite Him into their life, and trust His word.  Because of Jesus, we can live. Now…and forever!

I want to make the most of every day while I’m still alive.  Yes I do. My calendar is filled with upcoming plans that excite me.   At the same time,  my heart is filled with the hope that when the “mist of my life” vanishes, Jesus has my heavenly calendar planned out for all eternity.  With a life that will be far more amazing than anything I could dream or imagine here on planet Earth.  And oh, the indescribable joy of meeting up with my mom and dad, and so very many others.  Some whose lives ended quite unexpectedly and way too young.  Most recently, my sweet great niece Ella Grace, age 9, for one.   If you’re reading this, I want you to know I really want to see you there, too,  when the mist of your life vanishes.

Until then, this is my idea of heaven:

And….yes…..visiting this lovely location is on my upcoming  calendar of events.

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