Simply B

Simply B

After much time considering starting a blog, maybe today is the day.  Or not.  We’ll see.  As brilliant as I consider myself to be with technological stuff, setting up this blog has been kind of challenging.  Yes, brilliant is really brilliant … well look at that, I figured out how to strike through text all by myself.  

If you’re looking for profound posts you may want to skip my blog. I refer to myself as Simply B for a reason.  🙅  BTW the name of that emoji is “face with no good gesture”.  Seems appropriate.  

My goal is to have this little blog be empty of politics, mean stuff, deep thoughts, or basically anything of substance.  Occasionally I may stray into meaningful topics.  But don’t count on it.  😁  I might share travel info, camping tips, recipes to make and/or recipes to avoid.  And I love Jesus….you will undoubtedly hear about Him.  But again, I’m simply B.  Nothing deep, just an encouraging word or two.  

Until next time, 
Simply B


3 thoughts on “Simply B

  1. Three things I wish to comment upon. 1. In your profile you forgot to mention “Noche Libre” among your favorite movie selection. As I recall….when we muse about movies, that title reoccurs.2. When you double click to make your profile picture larger (as instructions say)you stay the same size. You must be a very small person. 3. I believe the name of your site should be Sweet B, more descriptive of our lovely author!Good luck in your blogging journey!


  2. How could I have forgotten Nacho Libre!! That was an epic night of wasted movie watching. Thanks for reminding me. And I like to create the illusion of smallness. Or….more like I couldn't figure out how to make the picture a normal size. Thanks for your comments!


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