Unfinished business. Call NOW.

If you live in our part of Kansas and you’ve ever watched anything on TV there is 100% chance that when you hear the phrase “call NOW” you think of one person.  Jerry O’Neal.  Continental Siding company.  You may not remember his company name but you cannot forget, no matter how hard you try, the sound of his voice saying “call NOW“.  Continue reading “Unfinished business. Call NOW.”

Do you know? Have you heard?

One of my favorite rooms in our home is an unfinished room in our basement that contains the furnace and hot water heater.  Ductwork is visible through the unfinished walls and ceiling.  A single lightbulb is affixed to a ceiling joist. It’s also our “office” of sorts.  A real cozy place with random pieces of carpet on the cement floor and our grandkids’ artwork taped up here and there.  My husband’s desk and our printer are down there as well as file cabinets full of all manner of stuff that probably has very little significance.  And there are several shelves of books, MANY MANY BOOKS, that we’ve collected over the years.  Continue reading “Do you know? Have you heard?”

Time well spent

This is what’s left of a gift from my dad.  He bought me the entire set of encyclopedia books, but this is the only thing I kept after Google came into being.  Partly because I’m a word geek, but mainly because of the inside note you see here with his handwriting.  1968.  These items will never be found in a landfill.  Treasures. Continue reading “Time well spent”