Time well spent

This is what’s left of a gift from my dad.  He bought me the entire set of encyclopedia books, but this is the only thing I kept after Google came into being.  Partly because I’m a word geek, but mainly because of the inside note you see here with his handwriting.  1968.  These items will never be found in a landfill.  Treasures. Continue reading “Time well spent”

HGTV and contentment

Do you watch HGTV?  House Hunters, Flip or Flop, or my favorite Fixer Upper? I’m guessing you have watched at least one episode of these shows, as well as perhaps Property Brothers, HH International, etc.  I’ll be honest, I love to watch this channel.  No real political undertones, no real drama, and no disgusting commercials that would make you hope your grandkids aren’t watching, and make you wish you weren’t watching.  Ick.  (talking about you, Sports Networks).  HGTV is just stuff about home.  Home is a precious topic for most everyone. Continue reading “HGTV and contentment”