Gifts and Givers

In your own experience, who has historically been the parent most likely to shop for and/or create all the gifts given in your family? For me it was my mother. As a result, I really don’t remember many details about the gifts she gave me. Except that she generously gave to her children. So many gifts over the years. And so much of herself.

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One autumn evening

There’s something about a sunset.  I’ve heard there’s also something about a sunrise, too, but I’m far more likely to experience sunsets than sunrises.

Every 24 hours the sun signs off for the day.  Some days it’s just a quick goodnight with no kiss of beauty.  Other times God paints a sunset so beautiful it brings tears to my eyes. That’s a fact.  Sometimes a sunset can take me away to one particular evening in 1970.  Kind of odd that one particular sunset has been etched permanently in my memory.  But it is. Continue reading “One autumn evening”