Let go of my Legos

Fifteen years ago I became a grandmother.

About eleven years ago, I bought my first ever Lego set for the boy who made me a grandma.

About eleven years and one minute ago, I became just a little obsessed with the delightfulness of Legos. So did said grandboy. We spent many hours building one thing after another, as the coins rapidly left our bank account.

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Three words

Every living person will have, is having, or has had a chapter in their life story that can only be described as a dark valley of sadness and despair.  Broken chapters. There‚Äôs no way around it.  No way to skip over them and hurry on to the good part. Brokenness can show up in many different forms. Death, addictions, abandonment, on and on. The list of possible scenarios really is endless.

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