Beside the still waters and bicycling against the wind. It’s all good

Camping season began for us last week.  Took our first trip to the lake for a few days.  The weather cooperated magnificently.  
During a conversation with a friend of mine I mentioned that we were planning to camp at a nearby lake.  He said “Why in the world would you drag your camper 25 miles away when you could just stay at your house and enjoy your lovely back yard?”.  That’s a valid question from a non-camper.  But if you’re a seasoned camper, you know the answer.  I don’t need to explain.  

Our daughter gave us a sign for decor in our RV that has the words “….He leads me beside quiet waters.”  Ps 23:2.  
Quiet waters.  The peaceful presence of the Creator.  Taking long walks through the woods surrounded by evidence of His glory and majesty.  Lord of all creation, of water, earth and sky…. Leaving the cares of life behind and just hanging out with the One who has it all under control.  
It’s how we recharge our batteries.  Time of renewal.  
No leaves on the trees and brown surroundings might make you think there’s no beauty to be seen.  Check out what was visible because of the lack of foliage and greenery:  
Note the cool looking plate-like fungi formations on this tree.  Don’t you think it looks like a place setting for squirrels?  We might not have seen this dining room for rodents if the trees and bushes were dressed in their summer greenery.
Speaking of rodents, we came across this trapped rodent.  Identification, anyone?       
So, what else do non-fisher people like us do when we camp?  It was too early in the season for riding our jet ski or swimming.  
We hooked up an old TV outside our camper, utilized our Verizon hotspot, and….did what all college basketball junkies do.  We watched Wichita State and KU basketball play in the Big Dance.  (The Cats had already left the dance or we would have watched them too)   It was a perfect setting for watching the games. 
And.  We rode our bicycles.  Last year while camping in Oklahoma, it seemed like a good idea to purchase el-cheapo bikes from a Walmart nearby.  Here is mine:
When I’m riding it, the hubby and my son-in-law immediately start humming the Wizard of Oz tune that goes along with the witch riding her bike.  Which doesn’t necessarily amuse me.   The bike is cute, and it was cheap.  Little basket on the handlebars, cup holder, even has a cellphone holder!!   Those are its only redeeming qualities.  It is only designed for flat-lands and non-windy days.  I think the tires are too fat.  Uh, perhaps it’s really ME that’s too fat.  Whatever, it is ridiculously difficult to pedal.  Even my quite athletic daughter had trouble with it.  My friend Georgia has recommended that I get some sort of battery operated pedal assist gadget that will help move the pedals on slopes and in high wind.  She’s thinking of getting one.  Sounds tempting. 
we were blessed with such gorgeous sunsets!!
The worst part of camping is always packing up and returning home.  The best part of coming back home is planning our next camping trip.  
We have camping fever and I have no intention of looking for a cure.  
Camping is the cure.  It takes us away from everyday stresses and adjusts our perspective in a way that makes life much better.   Therapy by none other than the One who designed us in the first place.   Good medicine.   

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